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Mountains and Stars

The Central Production Team from Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) in Peoria, AZ brings us this wood pallet and filament design.

To make this design happen, CCV deconstructed and flame-proofed 200 wooden pallets. The pallets were then assembled on a supporting frame on stage. The pallets were nailed together horizontally across a 15′ tall x 55′ frame and created the main backdrop for the stage.

Lighting was then added by searching salvage yards to find inexpensive and vintage style lamps with filament bulbs for added on-stage effect. Along with individual pars on stands for band front and side lighting, additional filament bulbs were also hung from the ceiling over the stage.

A screen surround was built with an 11’x 22′ screen for center stage program feed. The frame was made out of the same wooden pallets and was a great addition to the design. Additionally, a manger was made from extra wood for a special on stage element.

The end result was a unique and warm stage set that fit perfectly with the season.

In the Headlights In Waves

19 responses to “Mountains and Stars”

  1. Josh Wicker says:

    Wow! – love it!

  2. Mr. Darcy says:

    Genuine Genius ;-)

  3. Terre Barbin says:

    Fabulous set design, not to mention the awesome musicians.
    Truly and worshipful experience!
    Christmas presentation was a tear jerker!
    I can’t wait to be there for Easter this year!
    Blessings and prayers of encouragement to you all.

    • Aaron says:

      What about all the days in between? I think the platform design looks awesome too, and I do think design/space set up is very important, but it seems like we are so into design that it becomes something idolized in and of itself. Also, what does it say about our worship when the crucial aspects of our focus seems lacking in place of lights and instruments instead of the cross, visual art that points to God, and especially the Table and celebration of Eucharist!
      All that said, it is very beautiful and is a work of art that shows our being made in the likeness of our Creator God. I just wonder if we can be solely highlighting and focus our worship on God AND have a design that looks awesome at the same time.

      • Andre Taylor says:

        I appreciate your comments. I think that from time to time. But many of us serve God and our local church via creative outlets. I believe it’s less of look what I did and more of thank God for allowing me to do this. And also this is a church design website this. It is a place to inspire creativity, get inspired and give credit and praise for good design.

  4. Robert James says:

    Love the wood slat wall. Looks great texturally with the LED Bars lighting it up. I do like the long bulbs on stands. Looks good.

  5. Duane dodge says:

    This looks awesome. I’m interested to know what type of bulbs you are using in the floor lamps. Also what did you use for the hanging lights. The lighting is amazing looks very warm.

    • Tessa Bucklin says:

      Hanging Light-bulbs:

      We hung electrical wires from the roof and attached a light socket to the end. We bought light sockets on Amazon for about $.30/ea and painted them black. We used a fork lift to attach the light bulbs. We bought vintage bulbs from They have a huge selection! The bulbs were hung for about 8 weeks (5 services a weekend) and only one burned out.

      Stage Lights:

      In addition to the usual stage lights, we added a vintage look by setting up a few table/floor lamps. We went to a salvage store and bought a few – they were $5-$15/ea. We purchased a variety of each – some simple and some ornate. We then painted them all black (even the cords) and attached vintage bulbs (The same bulbs from We purchased extra bulbs, but none burned out.

  6. Trace Taylor says:

    Good old fashioned incandescent lighting is underrated. Great warmth. Really dig those banks of lights on stands.

  7. Brad McCraw says:

    Hey Guys or Girls, if you have questions about this design or what i used in it feel free to email me.

  8. Kyle Marker says:

    Love the design! Very warm look to the stage. I am excited we are looking at doing something very similar to this on our stage for an easter set.

  9. Would love to know – or see a picture – how you set up the hanging lights? We’d love to try this!

  10. Jacob Taylor says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to CSDI and CCV for this amazing set idea. We executed our version of it on Easter 2013 and it received overwhelming feedback from the congregation! I wrote a blog with our building process step-by-step with pictures if anyone is interested. You can find it at

    Thanks again for sharing this great stage set.

  11. Kendall says:

    This is an awesome stage.. This would definitely capture the visual worshiper… Great job!

  12. alisha allen says:

    This is incredible! Would love to attempt it at my church at Christmas. Did you use a 10 guage wire and run it down the center to your braker box and conntect all of the lights to that? Are there several layers of lights or just one? 50 amp fuse?

  13. Justin walker says:

    My pastor and I have taken your idea for our church :) thanks so much for sharing … My only question is what is y’all’s floor made out of and how would it work for a building that seats 200 or so on acoustics …

    Thanks and keep up the good work !

  14. Justin walker says:

    My pastor and I have taken your idea for our church :) thanks so much for sharing … My only question is what is y’all’s floor made out of and how would it work for a building that seats 200 or so on acoustics …

    Thanks and keep up the good work !

  15. Estoy impactado por el escenario que Dios les ha dado, bendiciones en gran manera

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