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Moving Day

Cory Welch, Nicki Cabaniss, Taylor Hart and Abby Brooks from Purcellville Baptist Church in Purcellville, VA brings us this design that’s ready to move.

From the team: Our next sermon series was from James and was titled “Moving Day.” We wanted to bring some literal imagery to the stage and decided to use actual cardboard boxes. We researched several locations before striking a deal for 100 boxes from a storage facility to be used in our design. We built all the boxes using clear packing tape and then built two layers side by side on the back of the stage before stacking a single layer on top. Our goal was not to glue the boxes yet produce a stable wall and we were able to do this which means the boxes can be used later to help families on our church who may be moving.

We then took boxes and pushed open the bottom and top flaps so that they would then be see-through. We stacked these at angles to create two towers on either side of the stage.

We then projected our logo for this sermon series: Moving Day, on the boxes and painted over it to create a clean and simple look across the back wall.

Finally, we used 4 Colorsource LEDs PARS on the ground to light up the sides of our two box towers and we centered two of our above PARS with an Apollo Gel in “Spiced Run” to shine down from the top which gave us some fun and abstract shadows. We are also able to color change the LEDS and can change the color based on service needs.

Finally, we used two more Colorsource LEDs to create the asymmetrical amber lighting on either side of Moving Day and angled a white Ellipsoidal light from stage left and across at roughly a 45 degree angle.

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  1. Adam says:

    What was the sermon series about?

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