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Multi-look Christmas

Kaleb Wilcox from Willow Creek Community Church in Northfield, IL brings us this Christmas eve set.

The idea was to have a set that could transform visually into several different looks. The main components were 15 Christmas trees of varying sizes with white lights on dimmers, a 16.5’x6.5′ LED wall, and a ShowLED Chameleon Star Curtain. 5 Varilite VL440s, 6 Mac250s, 6 Robe 136LTs, 8 Elation Design Wash 250s, and 10 Colorado 1s rounded out the set.

This set design was able to shift easily from a very light driven concert look, to a more traditional frosty winter scene, to a warm living room scene. By scaling a photo of the ShowLED Chameleon to the proper perspective, Kaleb was able to make the LED wall disappear against the star curtain as needed and chain motors allowed him to move it into different positions during the service. The silhouetted drummers for the opener and the other video content on the LED screen were clicked to the live action/lighting on stage.











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3 responses to “Multi-look Christmas”

  1. Danny Sena says:

    Wow! Looks amazing!
    Anyway I can watch the service??
    Especially interested in those lit up drums

  2. So How did they do it? I’d love to see a demo.

  3. Mandy Holden says:

    How did you create the star curtain? Just lighting effects?

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