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Multi Point Light

Nate Bantle from Northridge Church in Rochester, NY brings us this rustic look.

This wall was made up of 3 sections covered in 200-year-old barn wood. The small sections on the outside were 6 feet wide and the center section was 19 feet wide. The entire wall was 8 feet tall. The walls were attached to the back of the stage for stability.

The wall sections were simply 2×4 frames and then the barn wood was attached, and the walls were hoisted up and secured. Nate bought three 100ft G5 outdoor globe lighting strings and drilled holes evenly across the face of the wall. He used the bulb as his mount, bringing the plastic housing from the back, and the bulb from the front so they were secure without any extra work. The wooden wall had a more organic feel to it so it’s not perfect and there were a couple places where bulbs ended up in ‘cracks’ so those needed to be taped or secured from the back to the bulb was in place.

When drilling holes for the bulbs, he marked a template on a 2×4 and carried the pattern along the width of the wall so the lights would all be at the same height. He ran all of his lights into a 4-channel dimmer pack but ended up controlling them all on one channel.

$225 on the lights from Amazon.
$200 on the barn wood bought locally from Craigslist
$150 on the lumber and hardware from a local lumber company










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  1. I really like that! Are all of the lights connected to one string?

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