Kids/Youth Designs

Multiple Multiplies

Rey Morante from ELEVATE, a youth ministry of Christ’s Commission Fellowship in Pasig City, Philippines brings us these physical words that look like they’re projected.

Multiply is an annual retreat for small group leaders of Elevate, the student movement of Christ’s Commission Fellowship from the Philippines.

The stage was 39 ft wide and 15 ft high. For the background, they used black fabric to the wooden wall. Since they cannot hang everything with nylon string, they attached the LED light letters with push pins.

The MULTIPLY letters were created with chip boards, folded for the emboss effect and laminating film in front to cover the LED lights and scatter the lights inside. The height of each letter was 2.5 feet and an average of 5 meters of LED lights for each letter.

The total expense for this stage design was $153.

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