Stage Designs

No Of-fence

Alex Hayes from Meadow Park Church of God in Columbus, OH brings us this these nice panels for their stage.

-6×8 pre-made stockade/fence sections. They used the cheapest available at Menards which was a low quality pine.
-A propane torch (and propane)
-2×4’s to make the legs.
-Christmas trees (optional)

After cutting the top flares off of the pre-made stockade, they hit it with a propane torch to give it that out-doorsy look. One of their team members had precut the legs in their shop at home, so while the rest were being torched, two team members would attach the legs and get them upright. All in all, it took them about 4 hours to torch all 8 panels and get them upright, and probably an hour or two more in construction. Later on one panel got cut “in half” (unevenly) to go behind the drums and in front of their baptistry. Then they brought down all their Christmas trees a bit early and set them up (unlit) to connect some of the gaps between panels a bit.

They stayed under $500 for this project. The majority of the cost was the fence sections.

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