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Nathan Sutliff from The Crossing Church in Westminster, CO brings us this element for their “At the Movies” series.

They were going to put heavy theater curtains on their back wall, but it was too expensive. So they opted to make their own movie marquee!

They found a picture online that they mimicked.

They bought two 4’x8′ sheets of MDF and projected their image onto them. They traced them then cut out the marquee.

They purchased lighting from – C9 commercial stringers and S11 intermediate base bulbs (10 watts each). They also found some amber bulbs as well to give it that 2 color older marquee feel (found those locally).

After measuring, they drilled 1-inch holes around the border and placed the bulbs in the sockets (the bulbs were large enough to just hold in place). Instead of backlighting, they used Coroplast to give the white vinyl look. They used some wall paneling connecting strips they found at Home Depot as their letter tracks. A friend in the church had a vinyl letter cutting machine to make signs for his real estate business. He cut all the letters for them, and they stuck them to some thicker clear plastic (binder covers from Office Max) cut them to size.

We used some chases to program the lights to move like an old movie marquee.

A Nuclear Christmas Umbrella Chandeliers

2 responses to “Now Playing”

  1. Alec says:

    would you be able to send me a more in depth/step-by-step guide on how this was built?

  2. leyvaine says:

    hello how did you control them ,was this thru a dmx dimmer pack and how do you connect each light

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