Christmas Designs

Objets d’Noël

Melissa Miller from Canvas Church in San Diego, CA puts these various Christmas elements on her stage for this post.

This Christmas stage set was for their series “Carols”. The Christmas tree was made from multiple layers of tulle hanging from PVC pipe. They tied a sheer ribbon at the top and secured the bottom with tape to give it the triangle shape. The tulle they already had, but spent about $35 on it. They added a $15 LED Christmas star to the top and the starry background came from net christmas lights from Target for a total of $80.

The snowflakes were made from scrap wood found at Home Depot and translucent snowflake glitter found at Michael’s (modge-podged on). They used 1/8th inch screws to secure the middle of each snowflake and added wood glue in between the layers so they wouldn’t twist. The ends of the snowflakes were stir sticks from Starbucks, painted white and dipped in the same glitter, adhered to the back of the snowflakes with wood glue. The added doilies to the back for a little extra froth. They hung them with wire and secured each snowflake to the one next to it (also with the wire) so they wouldn’t twist. Total cost for the snowflakes was around $50.

Then they wrapped “presents” (cardboard boxes) in various sizes to add to the front of the stage.







Light Towers Plus Lights Sequential Diamonds

One response to “Objets d’Noël”

  1. Brandon says:

    I love that a good stage design doesn’t have to break the bank! Get creative, people. :-)

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