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Onward and Upward

Luc McLeod from Canyon Creek Church in Everett, WA brings us this cool chevron stage design.

The total cost was about $200. They bought fence boards and cut them diagonally. Then they painted them white.

They attached the chevrons to 2×4 frames painted black. Finally they uplit them with LED cans.





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7 responses to “Onward and Upward”

  1. ricky says:

    what kind of cans did u use

  2. Jesse says:

    What is the length of individual boards after they have been cut? It looks almost like 2ft pieces cut at 45 degree angles but web pics can be deceiving.
    Also, did you just screw boards together at junction point or did you use braces on the back to keep each individual chevrons together?

  3. James says:

    Can you provide dimensions as far as width for these, spacing etc?!? thanks!

  4. Pete Shively says:

    We made a variation of this and love it. Wish I could post pictures. We have a 1970’s Baptist sanctuary with white walls so we used LED bars to backlight these creating silhouette arrows against the colored white walls. We used 1*6 fence boards on frames 48″ wide and 10′ tall. We varied the spacing and keeping some single arrows and double and triple thick arrows to vary the design

  5. Achiever says:

    How did you put the lights am confused

  6. Heather says:

    Can we send pics of our results?

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