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Origami Spirit

Corinna Girard from WestGate Church in San Jose, CA brings us this stage design for a series on the Holy Spirit.

Corinna had seen a museum that had decorated their ceiling with giant origami paper birds. So she wanted to see if they could do that with origami doves to represent the Holy Spirit.

Then she saw a church design by Nancy Chinn on Pentecost with fire colored dyed gauze hanging from the ceiling. She wanted to see if they could combine the two images of the Holy Spirit in one design.

They used fire colored tulle that was really cheap. She paid $80 for 200 yards of tulle.

The paper was about $400. 80 pound paper was easier to fold. She bought rolls of it from a local art store. Some of the rolls were 140 and really hard to fold.

Some of the paper was 2ft x 2ft. Some of it was 4ft x ft.

She had an origami party with volunteers, music, and snacks to help fold the birds.

They folded 40 large birds and 40 small birds. But once they started hanging, they decided not to use all the large ones because they were a bit overpowering.

She used a hole-puncher to make a hole on their neck and hung them with fishing line.

Here’s the video she made to explain how to fold the birds:

(Please note that the costs and number of birds reflects 2 stages, because they installed this design in two campuses. So for one stage, divide by 2.)


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9 responses to “Origami Spirit”

  1. kim mclennan says:

    This is just fabulous! well done!

  2. Glendale Matias says:

    Great idea! Do you have any close up shots of the folded birds? Also how big was a large bird?

  3. Harry Walls IV says:

    Way to go, friend! Looks great!

  4. We’ve taken down the Origami Spirit set. And we’d love to give it to another church. If your church is interested, it’s all yours. Just lemme know.

  5. Fikru says:

    Hi Girard,
    Great Job. Would you please let us use the graphics as a background for my church online media.
    God Bless!

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