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Origins of Stages

Andrew Hunt and his team of seven created this stage design for a 4 week series on creation/evolution. The back wall was created with Spandex stretched over a wooden wall. The leaves are made from wood and were hand painted attached to the back wall with wooden dowels. To create the dirt pile, they stacked bales of hay and burlap, then covered it with peat moss.

For stability they used the back wall of their building and braced the set wall with 2x4s.

For the words “Origins” they used home-made gobos. They also used custom gobos on other elements to give it the crisp, clean lighting that they got.

Kudos for such a great stage design. Check out Andrew’s page here.

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One response to “Origins of Stages”

  1. Andrew Hunt says:

    Nice blog. If I may make a correction, technically the spandex behind the plant wasn’t brown. It was white but we did hit it with 2 AC Lighting Color Splits to make it look brown. I enjoy keeping up with your blog. Neat way to share ideas and creativity. Keep up the good work.

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