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Carolina Hatton from Calvary Chapel of Delaware County in Chadds Ford, PA brings us this awesome design that works outdoors too.

They used Coroplast strips of 8” x 8’. Each plank was primed and then painted. Then they used 3 colors and 4 shades of each color. They built frames of 4’ x 10’ with 2” x 2” boards, painted in black and with supporting brackets to keep it standing on the floor. Each color section on either side of the screen on the floor was 20’ long. For the green color sections they mounted the boards on the frame just the same but hung them from hardware on the ceiling. They repurposed this design for their outdoor summer services “Sizzling Summer” . The planks were primed so they stood out there for 8 weeks with no problems at all. They used sandbags to weigh down the brackets on concrete floors and reinforced the original frames to fasten each plank better.

Coroplast boards – $400
Paint and painting materials -$200
Frames – $200

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3 responses to “Outdoors/Indoors”

  1. Rev Stephen says:

    Want to make a coroplast stage design for our church. Don’t have a clue what to do and how to start.

  2. Rev. STEPHEN says:

    Dear Carolina, thank you for offer to help.

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