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Timothy Meekins from Freedom Church in Bedford, TX brings us this simple and clean use of LED.

With them having a small space, it’s hard to do something that will look good being that close to the stage.

In this build, they used LED strip lights and wood starting at the top. They wanted to have light bars but that was not in the budget. So their designer, Tim Meekins, got creative and used pieces of wood that was the same width as the lights. He painted the wood black first and then added the lights and began to connect them to their system using a module.

For the lights around their giant screen, it’s just simple tape LED strip lights around connected to the wood of their wall. This design was very simple, but each section can be controlled separate from the other.

You could do this with a $500 budget and potentially have some materials left over. This was all purchased at Home Depot and Amazon.

Shaped Pallet Canvas

One response to “Overlight”

  1. Chad Holmes says:

    Awesome! Great concept. I love a good clean design!

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