Christmas Designs

Painless Panels

Brice Basquez from New Hope Community Church in Bryan, OH brings us their “gifted” set design.

They Christmas theme was “Gift”. They had a surplus of natural and white Coroplast from previous sets, so they exclusively used Coroplast to create this set.

They created a sort of “weave” under their screen and up-lit them with 3 ADJ Par Profile lights.

Then they used 1’x4′ panels on either side of their screen and stenciled the series logo in each of the four columns. They front-lit those panels with ADJ Mega Bars.

Finally they created gift boxes out of natural Coroplast and lit them from the interior with old Chauvet LED Par’s. They made made the boxes with very light 2’x2′ frames and stapled the Coroplast to the frame. They put large bows on each box to complete the “Gift” theme.

Since they recycled the Coroplast, they only spent money on some lumber. They also upgraded to the ADJ Mega Bars so that they would have some new fixtures.

Bold Relentless