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Pallets are Blind

Brian Tetter from Frederick Christian Fellowship Church in Frederick, MD brings us this cool pallet set with blinders built in.

From Brian: We had been thinking about a pallet set for awhile, but I never liked the look of pallets in their normal condition. so, we decided to try just using pallet wood. I checked Craigslist and went to local business to find free pallets. We picked up about 80 small pallets and cut them apart and I found a local farmer that was reroofing his barn and had old roofing for free so I was able to get some sheets of that. We had to make the set as prefab as we could so the installation could go fast, so we made 2′ x 10′ sections. they were just 2×4 framing and we cut the pallet wood to fit. once we had 5 sections, we added a second layer to cover the joints. We made 2 “ladders” for the wings of the stage, added work lights to the pallet wall, added Edison bulbs in front of the ladders and made a center screen.

Our materials were:
2x4s for frame
pallets (free)
metal roofing (free)
work lights
Edison bulbs

This was one of our largest sets, but most of the materials were free. we add vertical trusses, which we had, and lighting to finish it off.

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