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Pallets on a Grid

Tracy Grubbs from Lake Forest Church in Huntersville, NC brings us this repurposed design along with their cool design grid in the background.

They got their inspiration from the design called Pallet Gaps by Santa Cruz Bible Church.

Their building dudes cut all the pallets apart and since they were going after a more irregular look, they randomly assigned them a home and used a nail gun to attach the pallet pieces to the stage grid (see below for more on the grid). They sandwiched the edison bulbs between the two levels of pallet wood and that was that. They usually try to take their set design a bit further than the stage: At the four prayer stations they had in the worship center and into the lobby over the fireplace.

All together they spent ~$200 (for the light bulbs and a few extra extension cords that they needed for connecting the light bulbs).

The Grid

This was a big frame made of aluminum angle iron divided into 2’x2′ squares and covered with 1″x 2″ furring strip boards painted black.

Instead of having to come up with a different support structure each time they installed a new design, they are just able to attach their materials directly onto the grid.










Solid City Guardrail

One response to “Pallets on a Grid”

  1. Ben Bankson says:

    Wow great design! Had a question about your projection and screen. By chance could you share where you got the center screen and what you use (matrox, propresenter, easyworship) to do the double wide projection? We’re looking to do the same thing at our church :)

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