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Daniel Young from Saint John First Wesleyan Church in Saint John brings us this equalizer look.

They had some 1×4 pieces of strapping that have been cut in half, at an angle, so that they dovetail together. One half got painted black and screwed to the stage wall, the other half got stapled to the individual masonite panels.

Each of the 40 some-odd panels pictured could be very easily lifted off the wall and removed, rearranged however they liked.

They had 4 LED pot lights spread across the stage to light it.

They were able to recycle some old masonite for this project, so they put only around $100 into this project.

From scratch, you’re looking at about 10 sheets of masonite (around 14 bucks a pop in canada), 30 pieces of 1×4 (3 bucks each), some black paint ($20), screws and staples ($20).

And obviously the lights…. they got their set of 4 for $300.

$140 + $90 + $20 + $20 + $300 = $570ish





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  1. Joshua Thomas says:

    What kind of led lights are you using?

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