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Paper Stars

Ben Stapley from South Ridge Community Church in Clinton, NJ brings us these paper stars hanging from their ceiling.

They wanted to play off the theme of stars for Christmas from songs, to message, to videos, to stage design. They purchased the paper stars ($8 a piece) and used remote controlled lights ($6 a piece) inside the stars. They had to use the battery powered lights because they don’t have electrical units in the ceiling.

There were a 3 limitations with this look.

  1. The batteries didn’t last long in the lights and they had to replace them each week.
  2. The remote control had a limited range of about 15 feet.
  3. The paper stars were susceptible to airflow, so make sure to test while your heat/air is on. They didn’t and had the surprise of watching a star caught in the airflow do circles all service long.







battery powered stars

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One response to “Paper Stars”

  1. Miriam Bakker says:

    I love the three dimensional look of the stars and how big they are. Choosing black stars and placing smaller bright stars along the arms of the stars is very effective. I like how pointed the arms of the stars are. It’s a star with it’s own personality and I’m pretty sure the star the wise men followed had it’s own personality too.

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