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Paper Trees

Ben Stapley from South Ridge Community Church in Clinton, NJ brings us this cool design for Christmas. (especially love those paper trees)

A driving force for their Christmas stage design was the guiding star to Bethlehem. Their lead pastor was going to tie this concept into their series during the month of December. So they felt they needed a star. Their star was 15 feet long, took 20 volunteer hours to create, and incorporated over 1,000 lights. Karen Peazzoni from Calvary Church in Souderton, PA graciously gifted them their paper trees (2 fifteen-footers and 4 8-footers) from their Christmas design last year. The blue fabric was purchased inexpensively online.










Angled Layers Scrolling

4 responses to “Paper Trees”

  1. Joel Gordon says:

    Awesome design solution, Ben! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations that reflect the power, love and majesty of our Creator.

  2. jeff says:

    love the star… how’s it done? what materials?

  3. Dana Tucket says:

    Hello, are there any instructions on how this star was made? Beautiful work.

  4. Niki DeLaBarre says:

    Would love instructions on how to create those trees! Anyway you could have Calvary Church share instructions?

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