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Lauren Sarno from Relevant Church in Daytona Beach, Florida brings us this Christmas vibe.

From Lauren: This is a special stage design we did for the month of December to go along with a series called “The Gift”

We utilized cardboard boxes we had from previous series and deliveries (thank goodness we do a lot of online ordering!) and added paint and Geomesh to give them a unique Christmas look!

*Cardboard Boxes – Miscellaneous Sizes, Quantity of Around 50 – (If you don’t have these laying around, you can always order them in bulk from or call your local appliance or hardware store)
*Gold Paint – Flat – We needed about 2 gallons
*Small, Loose Gold Sparkles – You’ll need about one container per Gallon of paint.
*Fishing Wire (for hanging)
*Geomesh – Check out from in their gift wrapping supplies section

We assembled the boxes and then painted them, then we constructed the structure and hung the free hanging boxes from the ceiling with fishing wire.

Tip: To make the boxes really shine, I would suggest adding a container of glitter to your gallon of paint. Stir often and it will give an even and beautiful shine!

Total Budget ended up being an estimated $100-$115 considering we used our own boxes and didn’t need to buy any.

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