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Piled Slats

Kory Guy from Trinity Harvest in Hurst, Texas brings us this cool backdrop on a small budget.

They didn’t really have a budget for this design, but their total cost was less than $70.00. The materials and supplies they used were wood pallets, Coroplast, paint, chrome spray paint, nail gun/compressor, 1″ x 2″ x 8′ wood strips, sander, hammer, saws box cutters. They already had plenty of paint on hand from previous projects, so they mixed custom shades of gray to get their different colors. They knew they wanted more white and light gray to help reflect light and cut into their black background.

They cut the Coroplast into strips and painted them different shades of gray and white and left some of them clear. The chrome color was really just for accent and to add a different texture. Even when all the lights were off, the chrome was still reflecting in the dark. The width sizes ranged from 2 inches to 6 inches.

They had less than a week to get this done and it took about 25 volunteers helping out whenever they had an opportunity.

The first step was breaking down their previous design to the 2 x 4 frames and then purchasing more 2 x 4′ s to add to the faux wall frame for stability. Everything was painted black. They also painted their decorative TV Screen panels black because they knew they wanted to frame them out.

Next, they broke down about twenty pallets, sanded them, removed any nails, and then painted them. They definitely used a lot of Coroplast in this design as to not make the wall so heavy. The wall base stands were supported in the ceiling using braided cable and U -Bolt clamps to secure. They bought some sand bags and wrapped them in black duct tape for weights.

Once all this was done, it was time to start building their wall. They started adding the wider longer pieces first and then fill in spaces with the smaller skinnier pieces. There was no particular plan to putting the boards up, but just have someone stand back and see what goes where best. It really was like a puzzle.

They were inspired by Todd Bougher designs and had no idea how he built his wall, but they made do with what they had. In the end, their Light Tech came in and placed lights where she wanted them. The only problem they had with the lights was that they were washing the projection screen out. So they cut a piece of Coroplast and sprayed it black on one side and chrome on the other, then attached it to the top of the middle part of the wall. The chrome side sat down as to reflect any light back to the ground.












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9 responses to “Piled Slats”

  1. Ken Neff says:

    That’s a great look!!!

  2. Penola says:

    Awesome thanks Ken!

  3. Chuck says:

    Is your wall backlit at all? If so, how well does the light shine through the painted pieces of coroplast? We are building a wall similar to this out of wood. The idea is to front-light it so that the light reflects differently off of the different colored slats. I am intrigued by the corpolast idea though as it will make the wall lighter. However, I am wondering if we do paint the coroplast slats different colors if it will have the same light reflection effect we are looking for. Great job and an awesome idea!!!

    • Penola says:

      The back wall is not lit, we have lights on the floor fronlighting but they are sort of hiding in the black wood bases, we also have lights hanging from the ceiling shining on the top half of the wall. As far a s painting them if you choose a light color that reflects light, we used a lot of white, chrome, light grey, medium grey, dark grey and like a grey blue toned paint.Thank you for the comments!

  4. Donnie says:

    What size TV monitors did you use?

  5. Drew Ross says:

    Do you have someone on your team that could talk my team through this?

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