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Planet Styrofoam

Sam Albito from New Life Christian Fellowship in Elk Grove, California brings us this post-picnic piece.

Sam got inspired by another stage design on the site that used paper plates. Since their budget was low, Sam went to a Dollar Store and bought styrofoam plates and cups.

Without a sketch, Sam put them together on the back wall using black gaffers tape.

Then they lit the pieces with some Chauvet LED lights they had and there you have it! A $15 dollar stage design.

The Curtains:

They already had the curtains from a previous design. They’re a nylon spandex material bought from JoAnne Fabric and Crafts. Sam hung them on the beams with mini clamps bought from Home Depot. They also hit up the Dollar Tree for a bag of clothes pins to help support the weight of the curtains along with the mini clamps.

  • Fabric from JoAnnes: $8.99/yrd
  • Clamps from Home Depot: $8.00
  • Clothes pins from Dollar Tree: $1.00

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3 responses to “Planet Styrofoam”

  1. Lisa says:

    Totally amazing

  2. Sam Albito says:

    Actually, I didn’t do “all” the work. I had a “little” help putting up these plates and cups (hehe). My son Elijah (3yo) was with me helping me sort out the plates and cups on the floor and putting on the tape while I lined it up on the wall.

    So technically, it was a father and son tag team effort! PTL for my boy! He watches what I do in the church and is SO anxious to help me (all the time)! If he knows I’m going to church to work, he begs to come with me. I hesitate at times because he’s so playful, but I think, why not! I’ll train him young so he’ll develop a love and passion for the ministry also!

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