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Polarize Me!

Peter Good at Glad Tidings Assembly of God in West Lawn, Pennsylvania created this awesome polarization for the stage there. To create the lines he used lath bought at Home Depot. (Lath is the stuff used for lattices.) Then to add the great patterns he spray painted the lath with florescent paint. Awesome effect!

Metalfalls Blinders, But Now I See

5 responses to “Polarize Me!”

  1. jkoepke says:

    Hmm… wondering – what if the slats were painted with a flourescent white or off-white (similar to a projector screen)? Could these be a cheap DIY versa-tubes look if the front lighting was done well or images/backgrounds were projected on it?

    • jthtiger says:

      Not sure if they would look like versa tubes, BUT it would look awesome!!! They're flat, so they wouldn't really look like a tube, but the gap between would give that effect. It's a killer idea though! Someone should try it out!

      This is an awesome design!

  2. tuckersound says:

    Just asking….

    If you throw a bunch of UV light on a surface…. won't that hurt your eyes?

    I went to a church once that had big spandex set lit up with flourescent black lights… my eyes hurt after 20 minutes of looking at the stage.

  3. tuckersound says:

    Also, this is a great set idea.

    I am purposing doing the same thing, with luan painted white for our stage.

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