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Throwback: Popsicle Stage

Jeff Abbott from Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI brings us this stack of popsicle-looking elements on their stage. (Originally posted March 2014)

For this set, Jeff challenged himself to draw out elements from the series branding and incorporate them into the stage design. (see daily revolution logo) While unpacking some items that were shipped to him, Jeff saw they were wrapped in a single sided cardboard product. It was flexible and cool looking.

A little web surfing later, he found that it was called “A-flute” corrugated and you could buy it in big rolls. (see pic) The pieces were constructed by cutting PVC pipe to lengths, CNC cutting top and bottom end caps and base plates, cutting shelving liner to fill the holes and creating a template to cut cardboard shape with.

Once all the pieces were created, they inserted the PVC pipe into the end caps and base plates, hot glued the shelf liner onto the cardboard, and hot glued the cardboard to the PVC pipe assembly. They also made a wrapping template to align everything the same way as they glued the cardboard to the pipe assembly. This set was affectionately called the Fudge-cicle and bandaid set.

You can see the set in action here.


Cut Cardboard

Cut PVC Pipe

Cut Shelving Mat

Cut Template

Daily Revolution Logo 1

End Caps











Wrapping Template

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3 responses to “Throwback: Popsicle Stage”

  1. Mark Manley says:

    Wow – love the quality/consistency of manufacturing and of course the end result. When I first looked at the photos, I thought the little circles were being projected on the cardboard. Then I read the article :-) One thing I wonder about – putting a multicolored LED inside the circles to light them from inside. Did you farm out the CNC work or does someone have a ShopBot? :-)
    Your project has inspired me already! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeff Abbott says:

      I was able to purchase a used shopbot and now can cut stuff like that myself.
      We considered lighting from the inside, but since I build set for 3 campuses, it became cost prohibitive.

  2. Steve Bonesz says:

    Wow, This is some real creativity! Awesome modern design elements and awesome use of cool, yet inexpensive materials. Jeff shows some real design talent here.

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