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Portable Towers

Cody Atwell from Reverb Church in Saint Augustine, FL brings us these cool portable pieces for their mobile environment.

From Cody: We are not allowed to fly our movers at our main location. Also, since we are a mobile church, we set up and tear down every Sunday. We wanted to find a way to get our movers off the ground. I have seen this similar type of setup at various concerts I have been to. I basically took the idea and made my own once I found the correct clamps to attach the movers to the top of the poles. The actual mounts that secure the movers are from Eternal Lighting called the EL Mount.

I believe everything else was purchased from Lowes. The 1 1/4in iron pipe, flange, and the wood to make the bases. We also attach wheels for easy transportation. So you can just tip them back and roll them away or completely break them down if need be. We tested them out outside at our annual Light up the Night event on Halloween and then incorporated them into our Sunday stage design. Everything else like the blinder towers was reused from older stage designs. We also used fixed couplers to run a pipe between two of them to hang addition LED bars.

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2 responses to “Portable Towers”

  1. Richard Thompson says:

    This is a great church!

  2. Trey Junious says:

    Would you be able to send me the full plan for the tower lights?

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