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Portal Party

Zach Stewart from Faith Center Foursquare Church in Eureka, CA brings us this string design.

The stage was 32’W and 15’H.

To duplicate it, you’ll need:
– 2×4 wood (cheap is fine, it will be painted black)
– Black paint
– White yarn
– Black finishing nails
– Steel flat brackets (12 for each hexagon)
– Metal cup hooks (2 for each hexagon)
– Black carbon fiber cord (for suspending hexagons)

The Hexagon shapes were created with 2x4s cut at a 150° angle and braced with steel flat brackets in the front and back of each corner. The 2 LARGE hexagon side lengths were 4’L, making the hexagon 8’W when assembled. The 6 MEDIUM hexagon side lengths were 3’L and 6’W when assembled. The 2 SMALL hexagons sides are 2’L and 4’W when assembled. They were hung from medium-large metal cup hooks (that have long threads for better security) to a truss in the ceiling with black carbon fiber cord.

They used black finishing nails, hammered 2 inches around the perimeter of each hexagon. This made it easy to string the white yarn in any design.

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2 responses to “Portal Party”

  1. Kris Kircher says:

    I really like this design. A very fresh approach staying away from the rectangles and using different shapes. Very well done!

  2. Tayo Gomes says:

    This is awesome. Will try this with different shapes too.

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