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Power-Up Boxes

These cool question mark lightboxes by Jonny Pollard from Proclaimers in Norfolk, England remind me of the power-up boxes from Mario Brothers.

The folks at Proclaimers put this set together for their FAQ series. The preaching team formed a panel answering frequently asked questions put forward by members of the church and public about faith, church and God.

The wooden frames were cheap and easy to assemble. Each box was made of 4 x 56 ½ cm, 4 x 59 ½ cm and 8 x 52cm lengths of 33mm “doorstop” with 8 x 8cm blocks of square timber as support in each corner of the frame. These were then covered in translucent tracing paper stapled neatly onto four sides of the cube (leaving the base uncovered and the back of the cube open for backlighting).

An A3 graphic of a large question mark printed on regular printer paper was then cut out and attached using double-sided tape to the front of each cube. These cubes were then stacked on stage, and using par-cans with different colored gels illuminated to create the desired effect.

Circling the Slots The Octopus

5 responses to “Power-Up Boxes”

  1. Waldir Guerrero says:

    Great idea! I was wondering where did you acquire the tracing paper in that size? If you can give me the info on that it would be great! Nice job!

  2. Hayden says:

    Hey there i was worndering how sturdy they are when just left ie is there any movement at all??

  3. Debbie Parish says:

    Just wondering what was used to outline the boxes in black? Looks like black tape?

  4. Andrew says:

    Where did you get the translucent tracing paper in that width?

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