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Powered Cross

Sherri McKee from Kirkwood Road Christian Church in Kirkwood, MO brings us this acrylic, LED-tape-lined cross.

For a series called “The Power of the Cross”, they repurposed a drum cage into a large, etched cross.

After replacing their drum set with electronic drums, they had an unused drum cage. Sherri loves to repurpose materials for their stage design to offset costs. She bought a Drummel 4000 and learned to etch acrylic. After some buffing to remove random drum stick marks in 3 of the acrylic panels, she etched a crown of thorns in the top section(cut at about 1/3), the Hebrew name Yeshua across the middle panel and Jesus vertically in the bottom panel. She drilled holes to join the three pieces together with s-hooks. Then they surrounded the entire cross with an LED ribbon secured with a clear, self-adhesive, corner guard. After suspending the cross from the ceiling, they surrounded it with plants to hide the chord







Crowned Screen Rugged Cross Background

One response to “Powered Cross”

  1. Ken says:

    We just was able to open this. FANTASTIC ! GREAT TALENT! Love it, and you.

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