Christmas Designs

Projected Production

Kent Homchick from West Bowels Community Church in Littleton, Colorado brings us this Christmas production design.

From Kent: This production, titled “A Colorado Christmas”, was a fully staged musical, incorporating the talents of hundreds of volunteers from the congregation. The script was written by church staff and the production featured a full orchestra. The production had two acts; act one was a story that follows one family as they prepare for their annual Christmas Eve family reunion, while act two retells the events leading up to the birth of the Christ child on Christmas. Most of the materials were from the church’s stock from past productions, as well as purchases of materials, primarily from Habitat for Humanity. The majority of the stage scenery was created by use of a rear projection system, with images (many of which were animated, such as falling snow, flying angels, a fireplace with a roaring fire) projected on a full stage rear projection screen directly upstage of the performers.

Strip That Down Slat by Slat