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PVC Crown

David Erlandsson and Peter Shelley from Trinity Baptist Church in Mentor, OH brings us this PVC pipe Easter crown.

They decided to go with the theme “Crown of Thorns” for their Good Friday service this particular year. So David got with their main set builder and resident genius, Peter Shelley, and he was able to construct this massive Crown of Thorns using almost entirely scraps from other projects.

Peter took PVC pipe and cut it into enough to make it bendable, but not snap the piece in half. Then he bent a number of pieces together and wove them to create the branches. It was then spray painted silver to give a more industrial look. The thorns themselves were scrap Coroplast cut into jagged pieces and simply duct-taped into the PVC. The entire thing was held together with duct tape and cable ties.

Then they went with some dramatic red, orange, and yellow lighting both on the crown itself, as well as some jagged Coroplast panels both behind and in front of the crown. Finally, they ran some string up to some hooks they have in the ceiling to partially suspend the entire thing and get it to hang at an angle.

The chairs in the room were set up in a circle with their wooden cross in the center. They used similar lighting on the cross, and set up a few candles on the stage as well.

It was around 75 feet of PVC total and a few sheets of Coroplast, plus some tape, cable ties, and some heavy duty string.







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