Stage Designs

PVC Over Pallets

Jacob Sciacchitano from Rockpointe Community Church in Sterling Heights, MI brings us this PVC design.

Coming off of a very long stint with a pallet wall, they wanted to do something a little more simple and basic but would use the wall as a base. It was inspired by Patterned PVC.

They began drawing up a design that used the pallet wall as a base to build off of and then went from there.

They bought (8) 1″ PVC pipes each 10′ long for $30 total. They cut them at the store based on the sizes they needed and then hung them off of the existing pallet wall.

If you didn’t have a pallet wall or a structure to build off of already, you could definitely build your own frame.

They already owned the cross and then just added their existing LED lights to uplight the PVC bars.

Here is a list of supplies minus the cross and pallet structure to build on.

  • 8 – 1″ PVC pipes = $30
  • 7 – PAR LED lights about $50-$100 each
  • 1 – Chauvet Obey 40 – $120
  • 1 – Donner wireless send/receiver pair = $60

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