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Pyramid Boxes

Thomas Merryman from Mt. Lebanon Baptist Camp in Cedar Hill, TX brings us this cool stack of boxes.

Thomas created this set design for use during the camp’s 2015 youth camp weeks. The main focus of the set was the modular units which made up the pyramid centerpiece of the set—10 units in total made up the pyramid with each unit measuring 4ft. wide, 2ft. tall and 2ft. deep with a dividing vertical support at a 2ft. center (all from 3/4″ ply) which created the look of 2x2x2 cubes. Each unit had a single LED bar in the back of each cube with a 25×25 stapled to the face of the unit. They removed the border of the air filter to create a more seamless look between the squares of filter media.

The second element of the set was what they deemed the “Pixie Sticks”, which were simply built from a 16″x16″ piece of 3/4″ plywood with a floor flange attached to one of several different lengths of pipe to clamp the LED Bars to. The final, less elegant piece of the set were actually blinders which they built a couple of years ago. They were made up of rigid vent tubing which acted as a reflector when screwed to 2×4″ scraps with a Mogul lamp base attached through a plywood footing.

Pyramid LEDs: 
ADJ RGB50RC (12)

Moving Yokes: 
ADJ ViziBeam 5R (4) and ADJ ViziBeam 2R Hybrid (4)

Stick LEDs: 
ADJ MegaBar RGBA (8)

Other Fixtures: Homemade Blinders, LED Strands w/decoder, Martin Magnum 2500HZ hazer, Chauvet Geyser RGB

Console: GrandMA Series 1 Full-size















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4 responses to “Pyramid Boxes”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Amazing!! The set looks awesome!!! Great use of the bars facing the audience. I love how the hazed really helps set the mood and effect!

  2. Vinicius Mello says:

    Great stage design !

    Please, give us more detailed informations about these homemade blinders.


    • The blinders are using dryer vent ducting as the reflector. The lamp is a 500W mogul base with a non-diffused bulb. We used scrap plywood for the base and just made a small standoff out of 2×1 furring strips to allow the cord to pass out from underneath it. 2×4 was screwed through the base and the duct was tacked to it in order to get it to stay open. The mogul bases had screw mounts through them and all we needed to do was to drill a small hole to pass the cord through the plywood. You could wire them for stage-pin if you had access to your house dimmers or in our case we just used portable dimmer backs that I could plug Edison plugs into.

  3. Christina Ellis says:

    Nice set! Your haze is beautiful and so evenly distributed.

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