Christmas Designs

Pyramid Trees

Joshua Smith and Allen Morrison from Northside United Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA brings us these set pieces inspired by Treepees.

They took 12′ 1″x1″‘s and cut them down to various heights, keeping some 12’. They laid them out on the floor in a block of 4 and used a nail gun to attach them together at one end. Then they stood them up and spread out the legs of their insta-treepee and nailed the legs into the stage floor (raised plywood) for stability. That was the easy part.

Next, they used about 4′ wide rolls of vellum and began covering the trees, gluing them on the edges with Loctite spray adhesive, which held very well. They left the backsides of the trees uncovered. Once all the trees were done, they put a Chauvet Colordash in each one and some movers on the trees themselves, plus some Moravian stars above.

The entire set cost them about $250. Some of the wood was donated and they purchased the rest. The rolls of vellum paper were found online wholesale for about $60 each. They already had the lights and the stars were reused from 2012 and were from Home Depot online for about $20 each.







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