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Raining Christmas

Joel Tyson from Citypoint Church in Denver, CO brings us this great Christmas look.

From Joel: Every Christmas we have done the same thing, throwing up a bunch of fake Christmas Trees. This year I finally wanted to do something different…. No Fake Trees!

With that in mind, I built a 30’x10′ box truss structure. Covered the trussing in a black cloth and hung 65 stands of 10 ft Christmas lights from truss to floor. I then hung some black garden weed barrier behind the lights to help create a dimensional look and to further black out the background. I simply loop tied the lights to the truss and then threw grommets in the weed barrier and zip tied that to the truss (see picture).

Then to the side of the stage, we created an anchor point about 25 feet up the wall and made a 20 ft “Light Tree” with some strands of G30 bulbs we used in a prior project. All together the tree was made up of 15 strands of bulbs (1ft spacing) hanging from our anchor point to a piece of grey conduit that we mounted to the wall (see pics). Once we strung the lights to the conduit, the weight of the fabric skirt and garland kept everything in place.

We wanted to keep the budget fairly low which is why we did this design. We had the G30 lights from a prior project. Our maintenance crew had the wall anchor, conduit and misc hardware for the tree. So we only had to purchase the Christmas lights ($190) and the Black Truss Fabric, Tree Skirt Fabric, Weed Barrier and Garland. ($60).

We purchased both our G30 and mini Christmas lights from










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