Stage Designs

Raining Cotton

Emily Perry from Johnston Evangelical Free Chruch in Johnston, IA brings us these art pieces for their stage.

– wooden lath (approx. 150 pieces)
– string
– fishing line
– coffee filters (close to 5,500 filters)
– food coloring & water
– cardboard boxes
– hot glue

– under or close to $200

– 3 weeks

From Emily: I first dyed the coffee filters in bunches with the food coloring and water. I did some pink and some a coral/orange color. Then I let them dry. This is what takes the most time is the drying and the assembling of the flowers. I used about 12 filters per flower. Stack the filters up, fold in half and then fold in half again so you have triangle. Staple the end and then fluff them all out.

For the “piles” I used cardboard boxes on coroplast to give the initial form. Then I hot glued all the flowers on to make it look like a giant pile of flowers.

The next step was to string all of the wood lath onto our boards with holes in them. I used approximately 75 pieces on either side and tied them at different lengths to make it look more like a chandelier. Once those were done and installed we drilled holes in the bottom of 5 of the pieces and attached fishing line from the wood to the flower piles. I then taped/glued more flowers to the fishing line to give it the falling effect.

The sermon series is Manhood :: Womanhood. My goal was to represent both man and woman with the different textures. I also played with the idea of gravity a little bit and suspended the heavier object, leaving the lighter object on the ground.

IMG_2215 IMG_2276 IMG_2277 IMG_2281 IMG_2282

Strips Falling Ripple Wall

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