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Steven Hall from

, OK brings us this use of Mod Scenes panels.

From Steven: For Easter this year, we took a pretty big departure from our few previous sets. We had a lot more visual surfaces than our norm. The four sets before this each had a scattering of lights and LED tape in order to create a void we filled with beams and points of light. For Easter we changed this drastically. Although we did not completely forgo the beamy looks, we much more heavily relied on lighting our scenic element, Mod Scenes.

One of our key considerations in this set was time and ease of use. At the time we only had two open full time tech positions and were extremely shorthanded. We also had one of our annual large gatherings, Good Friday in the Park that also took place that week. This gathering typically encompasses two days including setup and the event.

With that in mind we decided to hang Agon Panels from Mod Scenes to create our backdrop. We used them to create a really cool geometric breakup pattern. As mentioned earlier, they build really quickly. Our scenic consisted of 300 panels and was built in less than 2 hours. We had a large central backdrop that was flanked on each side by smaller backdrops under each side screen. We filled the space under each screen to make the stage look bigger. This became a huge need as during the planning we added both the choir and a baby grand piano to the stage for Easter. Some pictures show a screen center, we later cut this in favor for a full wall.

To cut down on setup time, we used motors and truss to lift our center section of Mod Scenes. On the sides we use VER locks (one of the greatest rigging inventions ever!) to hang a pipe holding the shorter sections of Agon panels.

We down lit and up lit the Mod Scenes with Colorblasts 12 TRXs. In front of the Mod Scenes we hung a angled pipes that held Mac 101s. We used these for our beam looks. We nearly hung them behind the Mod Scenes, but decided to move a bit downstage. It was a good move and helped us to pull the focus of the scenic in a few intimate moments. We were also able to pan the 101s so that they beautifully grazed across the Mod Scenes panels.

Behind the Mod Scenes backdrop we laid out our pixel LED tape. We created a breakup type pattern by hanging the tape on random angles. We hung 20′ sections of unistrut that had Led tape zip tied to them. Each unistrut hung from a pipe about 16′ up. We set all the angles by eye and criss-crossed the unistrut at the bottom to fit them into the space.


More pictures:

Glory :

Setup Time Lapse:












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