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Chris Leigh from Jubilee Fellowship Church in Lone Tree, Colorado brings us this awesome LED tape design.

From Chris: This design was inspired by Light Fingers.

They had a great idea, but didn’t post a lot of information about the lights they used. I would like to include the lights we ended up using and how we implemented them in the design.

This entire design cost us $660 bucks and looks incredible both in person and on camera. (We are a broadcast campus)
I purchased everything needed from Amazon, Mono Price, and Home Depot.

Using the below items we attached the led strips to the back wall of our church and then formed the curved top part by using 4′ long pieces of metal from Home Depot also attached to the back wall. The LED strips themselves are adhesive, but I would recommend using A stronger third party adhesive like 3M.

The DMX amps are fully DMX addressable and very easy to understand. The LED strips we purchased are a different brand from the amplifiers, but they are both marked to correctly connect with each other. At our church we use an ETC Element as our lighting console. I did have to create a custom fixture to get the amps working correctly. It’s very easy though. They only require 4 DMX channel’s. (Color 1 intensity, Color 2 intensity, Color 3 intensity, White Intensity.)


LED Strips –

LED Amplifier –

RJ-45 to DMX Converter –

Power supply for DMX Amplifiers –

Ethernet cables –

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6 responses to “Reach Out”

  1. Aaron Nichols says:

    What projector are you using for the stage screen?

    • Daniel says:

      Im thinking that an LED screen, might be wrong

      • Hans Vestergaard says:

        that’s not a led screen, you can see the projector in the top. that’s a short throw projector.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Aaron, I apologize about my late response. I don’t get notified when people comment on the post. The center screen is a Panasonic RZ670 projector with Panasonic’s “Ultra Short Throw Lens” attached. You can see the projector if you look closely at the last photo.

      If I can help answer any other questions please feel free to reach out via email.


  2. Kevin says:

    What moving heads do you guys use?

  3. Robby says:

    Just curious- what was your experience with that power supply? It says it only has a 1A output, but those LED strips supposedly draw 4A each. Did it work ok? Did you have a power supply/LED driver for each 5 meter strip? Thanks!

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