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Throwback: Receding Lines

Daniel Livengood from Marysville First Assembly in Marysville, WA brings us these upwardly receding lines. (Originally posted May 2012)

For Easter, they wanted a sunrise feel, so they used masonite and cut it into strips gradually getting smaller and the spaces increasing from bottom to top. They made twelve 12′ stands and installed them on stage.

A member of the church had a new property he needed clearing, so they went and cut down a bunch of branches and painted them white. Then they put the white branches into plastic pots and filled them with sand.

The sun was made with RTech foam and painted by hand. It matched the font and look from the mailer they created using the phrase “Life is Hard, but Grace is Here”.

The budget for materials was under $1000 and they bought the lighting rig for $750 (20 par38s). The other lighting was rented with the sound for $500.

They made the backlit screens with 2x3s and 10 mil painters tarp.

Broken Pieces Squared On

6 responses to “Throwback: Receding Lines”

  1. Tom says:

    Nice work! Love that you could use this without the need for backstage drapes.

  2. Matthew W says:

    Love the idea and so does my senior pastor…. my only question is: Was the masonite tinted or did the color just come from the lighting?

    • Tyler Herron says:

      Masonite is naturally brownish in color. It doesn’t look to me like it was tinted or painted. It looks like they just threw Masonite up there as it was, and it looks gorgeous.

      In some pics it looks almost white, but I can’t tell if that’s the light, or the actual color of the wood. Either way, if you’re looking to do this, I think it could work whichever way you want to go about doing it. Masonite is naturally beautiful in my opinion.

      -Tyler Herron

    • Thanks for the encouragement on this design! We painted the boards flat white and the framework flat black. In our environment, it cast a more true color than leaving them bare, but it does create more work.

  3. Jon Williams says:

    Simple and elegant. Love it.

  4. SeanGasperetti says:


    Well done bro! Strolling through so many random purple, busy designs…this one caught my eye. Nice work! I’ll have to pop in sometime and see it live! :)

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