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Reclaiming Christmas

Elizabeth Klingler and the Design Team from Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio brings us this design that would make Chip and Joanna Gaines proud.

Their Christmas Advent stage design was inspired by a winter wonderland. The design included frosted reclaimed windows, tree stumps dusted with white paint to mimic snow in a contemporary design, various sizes of hand-made pallet snow flakes, trees painted white to mimic snow kissed birch trees, a curtain of twinkling lights to set the wanderlust mood with a handmade sign with the sermon series name done in a “string art” style. Each component created a unique winter environment backdrop.

Materials: pallet wood & reclaimed various wood for snow flakes, old tree stumps painted 2/3 white, reclaimed windows, snow spray foam for frosted windows, LED lights fastened to ceiling with hooks, small burlap snowflake stickers on reclaimed windows, trees spray painted white for birch tree effect.

Budget: $100-150






ModScenes Christmas Tree Standing

One response to “Reclaiming Christmas”

  1. Jasmine Wisz says:

    Love the white trees! How did you get them to stand up so nicely?

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