Stage Designs

Refraction Faction

Nathan Whalen & Team from Brookville Road Community Church in New Palestine, IN brings us this string stage design that looks like refracted light.

For this stage design they wanted to do their own version of the yarn sets that they have seen here. They started by making 5 8′ x 3′ frames out of 2×2 with a screw every inch. (Use Pegboard for this!) Then they used two different colors of yarn (white and light grey) and strung some different designs on the screws. Nathan found that if you wrap the yarn around each screw that you use once it will keep the tension and not sag. They really didn’t have a specific design in mind when they started…they just had a few ideas from the graphic for the series. They used that same set for two series and just restrung the yarn for the second set. They used 10 ADJ Dotz Pars to light this set. One thing they found out in doing this set is that their video cameras did not like the yarn. When the camera would pan across the set it would not know what to do and freak out.

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