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Renegade Stage

Kim Miller from Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH brings us this stage design that looks like French Revolution in Les Misérables.

When their Worship Design Team met to dream and design their summer series, their pastor Mike Slaughter felt strongly that their three-month study should hit the theme of discipleship. Calling ourselves Christians and understanding what it means to name Jesus as LORD are two different things. The Church may have treaded too lightly in the past—failing to lay out the claims and call of Jesus.

So their team gained excitement as they began designing a framework that could support this pursuit of the countercultural, controversial call to the kingdom. They called the series Renegade Gospel and broke it up into three summer-month mini series’: Rebel Jesus, Radical Kingdom and Revolutionary Love.

Kim had been wanting to create a wood pallet based stage and this felt like the perfect opportunity. They uncovered a generous source of pallets and wood pieces close-by and went to work designing their set, going for an environment where worshippers could feel the “other-worldliness” of this kingdom lifestyle. At the same time they needed to keep an eye on what was safe and realistic. Their back stage walls were merely drywall w/ metal studs, unable to hold the weight of a wood pallet. They overcame this challenge by assembling faux pallets out of texture-painted styrofoam. Adding a custom-created podium, their ‘R’-branded stencil, flags, bare light bulb pendants finished off the look. Several rusty antenna tower sections added another element of interest. The three series themes were printed and decoupaged onto the pallets to help emphasize the scope of the series.








In the Wheelbarrow Silhouette Stacks

4 responses to “Renegade Stage”

  1. eric says:

    what software did you use to design the set? very cool idea overcoming the weight issue with foam pallets!

  2. Deb C says:

    I’d also like to know what is the software used to design the set?

  3. Kim Miller says:

    Says Chad – who created the design: I used Corel Draw, but any digital graphics program would do the same thing. Adobe Illustrator is the most popular of these programs, but Inkscape is very similar and absolutely free.

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