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Dan Litwiller from Rochester Christian Church in Rochester, IL brings us the really cool retro light bulbs you can use on your stage.

Dan was inspired by Hillsong’s stage design on their latest DVD, God is Able and a trip to Lowe’s. Hillsong had lights hanging in mason jars. He chose a really cool retro bulb ($5 each) instead. He also found some aluminum radiator covers at Lowe’s that he liked.

So he hung those along with the lightbulbs and some shear fabric they already had.

Check out these other bulbs for more options: bulb 1, bulb 2.

Deer in the Headlights Scaled Indigence

6 responses to “Retro Bulbs”

  1. Any idea on where we could get some hanging sockets on the cheap? Trying to find online to no avail.

  2. Joel says:

    We’re looking at doing this for an upcoming set. Could you give me logistics? what kind of cable used, gauge of cable? where did you find the sockets? how did you wire them? Were they all tied into one or two channels in a dimmer pack? Thanks!

  3. James Galloway says:

    where did you get the sockets and wiring? What kind of sockets etc? Thanks!

  4. Vincent Mims says:

    We’re looking into this look also. I’d like to know if the lights where patched into the DMX or not. Were they always “ON” and if so, how bright are they? Thanks!

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