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Jerrod Dorminey from Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL brings us this fluffy, revealing use of fabric on their stage.

This design was created for their series called Reveal. The series was based on the third chapter of John where Jesus began to reveal his Glory. They ran with the concept of fabric being draped and gathered to create shadows and a really flowing design. It was created using materials that they already had in their inventory from previous set designs.

The main “swoop” was made up of six 10′ wide x 20′ long panels of white fabric that they originally got to rear project onto. Jerrod hung them side by side to cover their 60 foot wide stage. He then parted the curtains in a way that made it look like two massive window drapes. This part was lit with 10 American DJ Mega bars.

The clouds (fabric hanging in front of the proscenium) were shear fabric that they had from another set. They hung them from the light bar right over the front of the stage and gathered the bottoms with tie line and pulled them up (also pulling up stage) and to the stage center where they tied them to the light bar right behind the proscenium. This gave the design a very layered look. We also lit the clouds with American DJ Mega bars (2 on each cloud.)

The word “Reveal” was cut out of foam board that you can get from any hardware store. They used a projector to trace the word Reveal in the same font as in the series graphic and then cut it out, paint it white, hung it from a frame on a rolling platform and lit it with 6 American DJ LED cans.

The only cost they had was $100 for the foam board.






Centered Ornament Portable Stage Design

One response to “Revealing”

  1. Peter MacNaughton says:

    Curious as to how you attached the drape to your front light bar? I am guessing that you used tie line, but how did you “grab” the fabric? Thanks.

    Peace, Pete

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