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Kris Woltjer from Fair Haven Church in Hudsonville MI bring us this cool cross and LED tape design.

They were inspired by Lines in Gaps and Open Geometry.

Starting with a sketch they worked with a wooden frame to give the something to be built upon and hung the frame with airplane wire off a light bar.

They took half-inch u-channel and attached it to the frame. Larger angles were two eight-foot sections and shorter ones are two four-foot sections.

They took tape light and placed it in the u-channel with the power supply closest to the stage and ran a power strip along the back of the frame. Then they used a little gaff tape and some black zip ties to help support the power supplies and hide white parts to finish off the design.

This is the first time they had used this type of LED lights so they did not buy the controller (as listed in the inspiration designs) and just used the remote controller that came with the lights to choose a color and leave it for the series. They had a positive reaction to this design and in the future plan to upgrade to a nicer LED tape and DMX controller.

U-Channel: $84.64 for 16, 8ft 1/2inch u-channel sections.
Tape light: $149.69 for 10 sections of tape light. (They would recommend buying additional 1-2 sections of tape light as a back up… They had one section that had issues. Thankfully one of the volunteers helping was an electrician and rewired the tape light.)
Wood frame: $0- used material from previous designs.

Note: Their stage is about 80 ft wide and floor to cloud is about 22ft high.





Rugged Cross Background Origami Spirit

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