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Mary Varian from Crosswinds UMC in Harvest, AL brings us this cool use of curling ribbon.

In preparation for Easter they stripped the stage, then the “go all out” was given. They had no budget. Mary knew she wanted to use origami doves. Sge bought a spool of curly ribbon in each of these colors: light green, orange, yellow, pink, and white. Mounting the spools on a dowel and holding another dowel overtop to stop backlash, another person walked the distance of the stage plus a yard, ribbon cut and repeat. After 10-12 strips cut they divided in sets of 5-8 strands, same color mixture x 2, then folded in half, attached paperclip, tied a knot and attached to back rung of chair center stage. From there each group was laid in order forward then slowly separated and stapled to the back wall, trimming excess as they finished the group. After all ribbons were attached, folded origami paper doves were stapled to the back wall and others stapled to the ribbons flowing out from center. Center chair was topped with a drape and a basket inverted in a basket was used as base for rafia then leftover palm branches from Palm Sunday (these will later be replaced with fake greenery).

Short Ceiling Lighting Piped Up

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  1. I really like this! Great job and pretty inexpensive.

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