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Rippled Geometry

Gian Benallo from First Christian Church of Huber Heights, Ohio brings us this use of fabric and geometric shapes.

For the pillars, Gian used silver party beads from a party store. He cut three necklaces and hot glued them end-to-end for each strand. Then every fourth strand, he used a different type of bead that he purchased from Hobby Lobby in the fabric department. It was a white iridescent clam-shaped bead. He then hot glued them to a small pice of aluminum pipe and suspended them with fishing line. He up lit them at a slight angle with thin Par 64 LEDs by Venue.

The background was a reflective fabric from Hobby Lobby stretched across the back wall with small folds to create horizontal lines. It was stapled to a frame that was nailed to the wall. The edges were then covered with another frame painted flat black. Gian created the piece which sat in front of it with 2×8’s for the outside edge, 2×4’s and 1×2’s for the rectangle and square patterns, and a few pieces of fiber board to black out random sections. It was painted flat black and placed in front of the fabric. Lighting for the fabric was two Chauvet Color Strips and two Chauvet Color Pallets placed in the blacked out sections of the geometric front piece and behind it.

Total cost for materials was less than $200 (excluding the lighting they already had).







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3 responses to “Rippled Geometry”

  1. Ryan Spencer says:

    What is the “reflective fabric from Hobby Lobby”? It almost looks like Saran wrap in the pictures.

  2. Gian Benallo says:

    It does look like saran wrap where it reflects on the clear drum shield. It is actually a metallic gold fabric that is very different from anything i’ve seen before. Its is black on the backside, fairly thick, and stretches a bit. I hope that helps.

  3. Harold Ennulat says:

    Nice Effect. The idea of having 2 pieces, the frame and the background seperated by a space I found intriguing.

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