Stage Designs

Rock Layers

Billy Buchanan from First Baptist Church of Conyers in Conyers, Georgia brings us this cool, simple use of construction paper.

Their Church is a Southern Baptist Church with a 180 years of history. They have two dynamically different services, a choir/orchestra driven blended service and a full blown contemporary/modern worship service 15mins apart. They have to be very creative on how they change sets with a 15 min window (sometimes less). They have tried many solutions but this has by far been the best set up.

For this project, they have 16 American DJ ParCan lights that give them the back wall wash and 10 American DJ Mega Bar 50 that they have mounted on the choir modesty rail. They tried to place them on the floor but the lights negatively affected the projection screens. The best part of this particular design was the textured back drop. They simply went to the School Box (local school supply store) and picked up a roll of black construction paper ($35). They stapled the paper to the top of modesty rail. Once they had it placed and mounted, from the bottom they crinkled it all the way to the top. The mega bars were directed down and it gave them a great palette to project light on.






Screen-Shot-2016-03-16-at-10.02.40-AMScreen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.49.11 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.48.43 PM

Texture Back Glowing