Special Event Design

Rosie Riveter

Taylor Whiddon from Hope Fellowship in Frisco, TX brings us this stage design from their women’s conference called “Fearless”.

They rented pipe and drape to cover over their weekend stage so they could build another stage themed conference. Taylor took the main design of the conference logo and turned it into a full out stage to really bring the theme alive. Below you’ll see the t-shirt design he used to create the stage. The whole design was basically made from the pink insulation board you can find at Home Depot. Taylor then placed white felt over the pink boards to absorb the LEDs that hit the design from below.

Everything was hung from the ceiling using thick wire spray painted black. The “Fearless” letters you see were projected onto a screen to be traced, then cut with a jigsaw. Excluding the pipe and drape rental, this design cost about $300.







Behind the Steps Rugged Tree

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