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Rotated Pallets

Vaughn VanSkiver from Victory Highway Wesleyan Church in Painted Post, NY brings us this design inspired by many pallet designs.

One of the members of their church owns a pallet business so the pallets were donated and constructed to their specs. They used twenty-six 4’ x 4’, seven 2’ x 4’, and sixteen 2’ x 2’ pallets. Pallets were simply screwed together and then braced to the four main glulams on the platform. They left a 2 ½’ walkway behind the pallet wall which allowed them access for sound and lighting panels.

They created our own lights by purchasing black rubber indoor/outdoor sockets, lamp wire, and shrink wrap. The lights were hard wired into junction boxes and then plugged into their light board for dimming capabilities. They wanted to use Edison bulbs but due to the added expense they opted for 40W Vanity bulbs (G25) on the back wall and smaller profile ceiling fan bulbs (A15) on the kickers around the instrumentalists. The lights were extended out from the pallets on painters’ sticks that were free at Home Depot.

Lighting was done by 6 Design Spot 250’s, 4 LED pars on the black curtains behind the pallet wall, and 8 ADJ mega bars and 8 mega bar 50’s on the pallet wall and several ellipsoidals for downstage lighting.








Let it Rain Wood Texture Wall

2 responses to “Rotated Pallets”

  1. Brad says:

    This looks amazing! Simple yet super cool!

  2. Eric McCrorey says:

    do the vanity bulbs have a soft warm glow to them?

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