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Rough and Clear

David Swidrak from Hope Christian Church in Avon, OH brings us this cool combination of clean and grungy textures.

The main part of this stage design was the background material. David used 5 rolls of 48″ light screen mesh that they got from Home Depot for $27 a roll (20 ft). He used 5 generic 4′ LED light bars to uplight them which he purchased from Amazon for a previous stage design. Behind the wire mesh he ran 12 black LED strips and gaff taped them to the wall every couple of feet since the adhesive doesn’t really stick. Those were from Amazon as well. He used RGB decoder boxes to control each LED strip and linked them together via cat5 to save money on DMX cables. The stage wash consisted of 10 RBGW pars that were mounted above the projection screen. The 6 “skypan” lights were wash tubs from Home Depot with a 250w halogen lamp in each. They were inspired by VOUS Church’s DIY skypans.

10 RBGW Pars – $480
5 LED Bars – $450
12 LED strips – $132
5 Rolls Wire Mesh – $140
DIY – SkyPans – Approx. $360

Total: $1562

(The LED fixtures and skypans were purchased for a previous stage design. They changed the whole stage around by adding the LED strips and wire mesh for $272.)

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5 responses to “Rough and Clear”

  1. Phil says:

    Awesome Stage Design! The best HCC has ever had.

  2. Chris says:

    This looks great! One question I had was how did you affix the mesh to the wall or ceiling? Thanks!

  3. David Bullock says:

    Do you know approximately the dimensions of the wash tubs you used for your sky pans? Trying to figure out the size I would need to order. Thanks! PS, looks great!

  4. Kyle says:

    How did you connect the sky pan to your light stand?

  5. Kyle says:

    How did you connect the sky pan to your light stand? I can’t find any pictures showing the back.

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